Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What is the Deer "Problem"

This is the first question to ask.  If you don't know what problem you are trying to solve, then your actions won't lead to an effective solution.

If the "problem" is DVAs, the solution is a non-lethal DVA detterent, its cheaper, it targets all deer, only when cars are on the road.  Lethal methods, target some deer, the remaining deer are free to cross the road, resulting in a DVA, so its a game of odds and less effective.  Lethal options are expensive and because of rebound effect, must be continued indefinitely.  A DVA deterrent is installed once and continues to work year after year with modest maintenance.

If the "problem" is damage to gardens, it is far cheaper and more effective to use proven deer proofing gardening methods.  Once again, lethal methods are playing the odds.

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  1. In yet another way to try and attempt to justify the continued deer kill councilman Russo said the deer are starving. He has seen them in his yard. Is Mr.Russo a wildlife biologist or a scientist? Let's put this myth to rest once and for all.
    Advocates of deer-culling state that large numbers of deer are at risk of starvation. Agents of the Ohio DNR have told me they have had no reports of starving wild deer in the state of Ohio. If deer were starving they would not be reproducing at the rate they are. There is a direct correlation to a does health and fertility which further substantiates the health of individuals and the herd in general. There are also locations in the US with healthy herds at population densities of more than 200 deer/square mile.

    FACT: Deer metabolism is different from human metabolism. According to deer biologists, deer adjust their caloric intake by the season. In the fall they eat to put on weight, and in winter their metabolism adjusts to the diminished available food and they eat less. Even when food is abundant, a typical white-tail deer in northern latitudes will lose 20% of its body weight by spring. In other words: Deer get skinny in the winter. It has nothing to do with overpopulation.


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