Thursday, April 5, 2012

Killing to start Jan 23

USDA Wildlife Services is to start killing Jan 23rd at the following kill sites.

Solon Kill Sites

Red areas are kill zones, orange areas are open city or adjoining lands that can be hunted from.

This list was obtained from an Open Records Request, but it is much shorter than prior culling kill site lists.  If you become aware of a kill site not on this list please inform us immediately by email to SolonDeer at

Be aware that the city aggressively acts to prevent citizens from observing, filming, or interfering in culling activity in any way.  Being anywhere near a kill site can be dangerous to your safety and can result in arrest on a variety of charges.

Stanek who has led this plan has abruptly retired, his former asst who also retired is expected to be brought back to manage the plan. See discussion here, Solon Patch coverage and Solon Sun coverage.

NOTE: Kill Site List last revised 1/17/12, First Draft Kill Site Map revised 2/04/12.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


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