Thursday, December 6, 2012

An open mind is needed

It's deer culling time again, let's reflect on this a moment.

An open mind is needed and that hasn't been found at city hall. It takes courage to do something different.  It's easy to follow the advice of the average moron who says "kill them all" even though that is against the law that ensures a never ending funding source for the ODNR who makes the rules.

As just one example, you really would have to kill all the deer to prevent serious accidents on I480, it only takes one deer crossing the road to guarantee a serious accident.  In this case high fencing and roadside reflectors are far more effective and less costly.  If safety is REALLY the issue, that's what you'd do.

What did city hall do?  Did they follow the lead of the "kill them all" morons, NO, they don't even have kill sites near I480, they are mostly at our borders ( see kill sites here ) so the moronic taxpayers are paying to kill our suburban neighbors deer.

But being effective isn't really what politics is all about, its doing something (anything, no matter how ineffective) just to keep the moronic voters happy.  Hope you're happy blowing  at least $150K every year.

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