Sunday, February 26, 2012

Solon Animal Laws

Solon has both laws to protect animals and to protect its deer killing program.

Just because an animal killing program exists doesn't mean that anyone can take matters into their own hands and kill deer or any other animal like coyotes too.

Section 618.12 and 618.20 clearly prevent anyone from hunting or setting traps in the city.  Section 618.04 prevents any poisoning of animals.

Section 618.125 authorizes an exception to 618.12 for the purpose of controlled killing of deer by city authorized personnel, which of course does not include residents who don't like deer.

Sections 618.126 and 127 criminalize residents who don't agree with the deer killing program.  The first one makes it a crime to interfere with a culling activity and the second makes it a crime to feed deer.

Some deer activists have attempted to document the killing process and have been accused of other crimes like criminal trespass.

The police can be very aggressive in interpreting and enforcing laws against residents who disagree with the deer killing program.  The police chief insists that anyone caught taking things into their own hands will be investigated and prosecuted.  Anyone caught poaching can be turned in for an award, find details here.

Solon laws can be found here. Section 618 deals with animals. A summary can be seen below.

Solon Animal Laws

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

We're cruel and benighted and proud of it!
Discarding logic, compassion and justice for the sake of some ornamental bushes, bloodlust and expediency.
                                                   CURRENT BODY COUNT:

How long will we continue allowing Solon's elected officials (who are public servants in fact) to persist in squandering public dollars to satiate their obscene blood-lust, slaughtering innocent, semi-tame deer in a blood-drenched, deeply depraved annual canned hunt?

How long will we continue to swallow their lies, distortions and perversions of the truth, as they insist that the gun and hunting lobby-driven mantra that killing is the ONLY means of managing human-caused white-tailed deer over-populations is the Gospel truth?

How long will we swallow the lie that slaughtering sentient beings is somehow “humane,” despite the facts that we humans caused the overpopulation of deer and that there are many alternatives to killing?

Please be sure to join our Solon voting bloc. Go to and click on join us.

Email our elected officials to voice your opposition.
Please continue to spread the word to everyone.

Thank you,

For City Contact Info click here and for media contact info click here.

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