Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Meeting

Be sure to attend the March Safety Meeting, Wed at City Hall at 6pm.  The USDA Wildlife Services will be there tonight along with the ODOW (Ohio Dept of Wildlife), both whom support wildlife slaughter and hunting.  Why are we talking about solutions rather than the "problem"?  Starting with the problem will lead to non-lethal solutions that they are not interested in...

Solon Flyer March 2011

True to their reputation, ODOW presented lethal options and glossed over non-lethal options.

The meeting video is here, Councilman Kraus was late so the committee recessed and reconvened at 49 min, Jim Stanek spoke first.  At 52 min Scott Peters of ODOW made a powerpoint presentation.  At 1 hr 7 min Russo started a question period with Scott Peters. At 1 hr 22 min a speaker from USDA Wildlife Services spoke, he wasn't that prepared and  asked "What are your goals" and got no answers.  This Federal official said "He's here to help", which is a not so funny joke. He said he could help the city, for a fee.  Since he got no answers, he called Scott back up.  At 1 hr 42 min, Russo allowed public comment to "ask questions" for a max of 30 min, this was an unexpected surprise, we didn't know he'd let the public question them. At 2 hr 2 min, Russo brought the discussion back to deer counting, ranging from $5-30K, that the committee approved. At 2 hr 11 min the topic was complete and they moved on to other business.

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