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Yard Sign

Yard signs are regulated on Solon by Zoning code section 1288.

  • Only one "opinion sign" is allowed per household.
  • Thirty days prior to an election you may have up to five signs, but only one per issue.
  • It must be placed 15 ft from the right of way (typically the sidewalk or 25 ft from the road) Solon Zoning code 1288.04 3d. 
  • The sign can only be 6 square feet in size
  • The sign can only stand 4 ft tall
Details of the applicable laws below...

Here is the relevant section of code on what a property owner can do with yard signs.
  • There is a contradiction in the code on 8 sf vs 6 sf.
  • These "laws" were written by Frankland (not a lawyer) and are not shown in codified ordinances but are enforced.
  • This law is also in the wrong section, I've had this discussion with Planning in the past.
Page 200



3. SIGNS NOT REQUIRING A ZONING PERMIT - The following signs do not require
a zoning permit, but are otherwise subject to the provisions of this Section as specified below:


One (1) free standing “non-commercial opinion sign” not exceeding eight (8) square feet in area per face, not exceeding four (4) feet in height above grade, and set-back a minimum of fifteen (15) feet from any public right of way shall be permitted. For the purposes of this Section, “noncommercial opinion sign” shall mean any sign which:

1.) does not advertise a product, good, business or service;
2.) expresses one or multiple messages on one or more issues, or;
3.) promotes any candidate, party, issue levy, referendum or other matter eligible to be voted upon in any general, primary, or special election.

The message on any non-commercial opinion sign may be periodically changed, or the sign may be replaced with another non-commercial opinion sign provided such replacement sign conforms to the size, height and location criteria set forth herein. Non-commercial opinion signs shall not be illuminated.

All parcels including those having frontage on more than one (1) street are limited to one (1) such sign.

An additional four (4) non-commercial opinion signs, as defined above, shall be permitted on any parcel no sooner than thirty (30) days before an election Such noncommercial opinion signs shall be limited to one (1) sign per candidate, issue or message per parcel including any parcel having frontage on more than one (1) street.

Such non-commercial opinion signs shall not exceed six (6) square feet in area per face, not exceed four (4) feet in height above grade, and shall be set-back a minimum of fifteen (15) feet from any public right of way. Additional non-commercial opinion signs shall not be illuminated. The removal of such additional signage shall occur within two (2) days following the election in question, and shall be the responsibility of the candidate, campaign committee, political organization or the property owner.

Replacement Page, August 2010
The Zoning Code for The City of Solon

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