Saturday, April 2, 2011

Its Poaching

NOT HUNTING, said the news report...


Ten dead deer were found in a Mentor, Ohio neighborhood. The Animal warden was extolling the virtues of hunting, they follow rules, they eat the meat, these people shot bullets and arrows in a dense neighborhood where residents fed the deer. But what's the difference between poaching, hunting by bow, or paid sharpshooters? Not much really, they're all engaged in unnecessary killing for the thrill of it.

Fox 19 News - Click here.
News Herald - Click here.
Mentor Patch - Click here.

Can we expect deer management discussions in Mentor, they're talking about DVA's here. Will Mentor follow Solon's lead into the endless killing fields or will they be a leader and look at DVA deterrents of the 21st century? For everyone's sake let's hope they don't repeat our failed experiment.

But at least one Mentor resident admits the ODOW keep the herd size high for hunters and are the cause of DVAs.  See his comment here.

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