Saturday, February 18, 2012

We're cruel and benighted and proud of it!
Discarding logic, compassion and justice for the sake of some ornamental bushes, bloodlust and expediency.
                                                   CURRENT BODY COUNT:

How long will we continue allowing Solon's elected officials (who are public servants in fact) to persist in squandering public dollars to satiate their obscene blood-lust, slaughtering innocent, semi-tame deer in a blood-drenched, deeply depraved annual canned hunt?

How long will we continue to swallow their lies, distortions and perversions of the truth, as they insist that the gun and hunting lobby-driven mantra that killing is the ONLY means of managing human-caused white-tailed deer over-populations is the Gospel truth?

How long will we swallow the lie that slaughtering sentient beings is somehow “humane,” despite the facts that we humans caused the overpopulation of deer and that there are many alternatives to killing?

Please be sure to join our Solon voting bloc. Go to and click on join us.

Email our elected officials to voice your opposition.
Please continue to spread the word to everyone.

Thank you,

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  1. I for one am glad to see that the elected officials are doing that which a majority of residents want to have done. Kill those damm deer.

  2. Actually you are mistaken, the majority of Solon wanted the comprehensive program the city promised them but did not deliver. When the city failed to deliver on their promise a ballot initiative attempted to force them to be open minded and pay more than lip service to efficient and economical non-lethal methods.

    A slight majority believed the city propaganda and defeated Issue 94. However a significant number of voters (nearly 40%) loudly declared that non-lethal methods should be used as the city promised and has yet to implement, likely in fear that when they prove reliable people will be outraged that the city is paying large amounts of money on an ineffective killing program.

    You may also be interested to know that much of Solon's killing plan is on the border of our town, so we're the suckers paying to kill deer in other communities with no funding coming from them. I wonder how that would change the vote. See the killsite post


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