Saturday, January 14, 2012

Council Action on Jan 17

The agenda for the rescheduled council meeting was published and contains the following items both on the consent agenda which means there will be little more than announcement of these items and they will be passed as an emergency under suspension.
22. Ordinance authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement with David Hromco to coordinate and oversee the 2012 Deer Management Program

23. Ordinance accepting the bid of Smokin-T for meat processing services related to the City’s Deer Management Program ($4.99/5-pound package)

These items occurred about 40 min into the meeting.  David Hromco will be contracted for up to 150 hours, will receive a city cell phone and a city vehicle.  The meat processing bid is for 3 years.

At 46:20 into the meeting a citizen objected to the deer culling and to them being on the consent agenda.

After the citizen spoke the council round table occurred where each councilman gave condolences to a former councilman and wishing Jim Stanek well in his retirement.

The Mayor mentioned that Stanek was at city hall for 2 weeks after his retirement and that he will be getting a new job as he is only 51.  He had over 30 years at city hall and will be collecting a pubic employee retirement.

Stanek was likely to attend so everyone can wish him well and applaud his accomplishments. This isn't formally on the agenda, but it is common practice. It was expected by city officials but he did not come.

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