Friday, September 9, 2011

Solon Contracts with USDA

City council voted 6-1 (Pelunis disagreed) to enter into a contract with the USDA.

Here's my first cursory review of the contract
  • Stanek is the point man for the city (no surprise, it could have been Viland though)
  • Meetings are by invite only of Stanek or USDA
  • They can amend any time without public notice or council action (eg add captive bolt)
  • They likely would have to go to council for approving more than $128K (I will get the legal ordinance language)
  • USDA will kill on public and private property with needed ODOW permits
  • No provision is included to require adjoining property owner permission, it seems this is at the city's discretion
  • USDA will supervise their own people and activities
  • All media discussions about this MUST be approved by the city AND USDA (gag order)
  • Any legal conflicts with USDA are governed by Federal Tort law (making any legal action must less likely)
  • USDA told Solon there are private suppliers (wonder if they mentioned anyone other than WB)
  • Only 2/3 of the cost ($87K) is for the killing activity the other $41K is for Vehicle, Travel, Supplies, and "Program Support" (Management overhead?).
  • The cost is capped at $128K for USDA billing, however the city will incur significant costs over and above $128K for items listed below.
Items that will take city resources in addition to the $128K
  • City must obtain ODOW permits
  • City project coordinator must be accessible by USDA via cell
  • Stock bait sites a week before and each day of killing
  • City Police need to ensure areas are closed and empty
  • City Police need to be present while USDA is killing
  • Eviscerate, clean, store deer and ice carcasses after each day's kill
  • Transport deer to processing plant within 24 hours
  • Maintain records and produce reports for ODOW (didn't WB do that)
Check back for text of contract
See Patch Article on this issue

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