Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Still no costs

A plan was recommended to Council by the Safety Commitee, its been discussed for over a half year and still no specific costs are available.

Russo introduced the discussion of the plan commenting on how much work had been done.  Pelunis questioned what the plan would cost, Stanek still had no answer and was asked to obtain costs for the next council meeting on June 24.

Stanek said we need to decide how many deer to kill, but how will they do that when they haven't obtained an accurate count yet.

Russo insisted that bow hunting was needed to reduce costs of sharpshooting.  He compared costs of sharpshooting at $400 / deer and bow hunting "essentially" $0 / yr.  Kraus said he "isn't comfortable" with bow hunting.

See the Council Meeting here, discussion starts at 1 hr 2 min until 1 hr 12 min.  At 1 hr 18 min, two residents spoke in opposition to bow hunting until 1 hr 26 min, at 1 hr 28 min Russo challenged the public comments as Stanek did at 1 hr 35 min.

Russo stated that the hunting would be on city land, but App 1 C, pg 14, 2nd section talks about lands used with no such restriction. While Russo is quick to complain of other's misstatements, his own record of misstatements is poor.

Russo also took the opportunity to plug the city's web site as a source for information about the deer mgt issue.

It was pointed out that an update at the last Safety meeting inserted words to the effect that we'd follow the ODOW rules, which is a lower standard than the proposed bow hunting which both ODOW and USDA WS referred to as "over regulated". Stanek mentioned something about "expanding" the bow hunting after people got used to it to save money. The way to expand bow hunting would be to reduce regulations to the state minimum.

While the lack of costs was a major reason why council could take no action, Kraus also mentioned the absence of Councilman Bell. Both these shortcomings are to be addressed at the next council meeting and it would be possible to pass it under suspension on that day.

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